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In 1974, flanked by such filmic monuments to paranoia and corruption as Chinatown and The Parallax View, Elliott Gould and Donald Sutherland tried to re-create the screwball nonchalance of their earlier M*A*S*H performances in this lightweight spy spoof, directed by Irvin Kershner. Gould and Sutherland play two CIA agents-Griff and Bruland-who are marked for death by their own agency after botching the defection of a Russian ballet dancer (Michael Petrovich). As they repeatedly mess up their assignments and wriggle out of tight corners, they not only find themselves pursued by the CIA, but also by the KGB, the Chinese Communists, and a terrorist group that wants to destroy the CIA.
Two spies end up being chased by the CIA, The KGB and a group of anarchists after a botched mission invoked an unwritten "corpse for a corpse" pact.
Unless you're an absolute die-hard fan of Donald and Elliott, then you might be able to tolerate this movie, but I bet everyone involved in it really regretted doing it. Just as much as you'll regret watching it. They certainly have a great chemistry, and there are a few laughs in spite of everything. My favorite scene is the last one, not only because the movie is over but because Elliott Gould and Donald Sutherland's charm together really comes through. A last-ditch attempt to leave the audience with a smile, perhaps.
What can I say? Reading the comments here, it seems no one liked S*P*Y*S– but me. It tickled my funny bone. The improbable zany story and the antics of Sutherland and Gould hit home with me. I laughed my tail off. Truth is, I'm not that weird. I don't like everything that comes down the pike and if you're looking for something in the wake of the Vietnamese war– and Canadian Sutherland and New Yorker Gould were both active protesters of that ghastly war– that rebukes the folly of war, this piece works. Now, if you're looking for some higher form of art, you might want to direct your attention somewhere else. As for me, the ridiculous situations these two guys get into amused me greatly and I enjoyed this movie immensely. Check it out for yourself.

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